Camel Rock Founder, Amy Moyce is a personal trainer, pilates & yoga practitioner who has worked in the fitness industry (national and international) for over 20 years. Frustrated by the restrictions of the old rectangular yoga mat, Amy started brainstorming new ideas and ways to improve the yoga experience for herself and her clients. The round mandala yoga mat was born.

Believing that she was onto something exciting she enlisted her best friend, Elle Holmes, a professional photographer to come on board as “Creative Director”. They pooled their knowledge and their interests, and began their business. Their company is named Camel Rock, after a beautiful stretch of beach close to Amy’s home.‘We want to share the sense of space and serenity at Camel Rock when people see the name,’ Amy said.

For Amy and Elle, the venture is as much personal as well as professional. Our goal was to create a product that would inspire people to practice, but also to build something together that would be the start of a new stage of our own lives.




I love my Camel Rock mat! As a dancer I like to roll around & gently warm up on a mat in preparation for the days classes & rehearsals. With my old rectangular yoga mat I was constantly readjusting my position just to stay on the mat – which interrupted my flow & imposed some limitations on what I would do. My Camel Rock mat gives me the benefits of using a mat with the freedom of an organic flow through stretching & moving sequences. I feel like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing – the circular geometries of mat, body & movement harmonising my daily preparation & practice. Awesome!!

Delia Silvan

Award winning dancer and performer. Founding member of Leigh Warren & Dancers. Favourite Yoga Pose - The dancers pose of course!

My passion is Yoga, so I was pretty excited to trial the Manda Mat. Once it was down on the floor it only took a few moments for me to realise that the mat had already made a home for itself. My wife and I don’t usually leave our mats out but I could tell that this one was staying, It belonged. It felt good under my feet. I put together a few poses as I started to get used to the idea of round. I have to say at first it felt a little strange. But in only a very short time I found that whatever position I was in my mind seemed to centre my body on the mat. No longer was I having to shuffle my butt, my shoulders or my legs to centre myself because; I was already there. The mat has a lovely tactile feel. Strong yet forgiving, Soft yet supporting, Smooth yet grippy. The mat is pure luxury. My life as a yogi will not be the same again – I must have one!

John Andrews

Yoga Teacher. A practicing yogi for 20+ years. Favourite Yoga Pose - All inversions

‘Not only is my Camel Rock Yoga Mat visually stunning, it’s practical in every sense of the word. I’m no longer doing half of my workout on the floor. What’s most awesome is that I don’t have to roll it up, I love how it looks in my home. Better than any mat I’ve owned before, I’m impressed.’


Marathon runner. Founder @run.brave initiative. Favourite Yoga Pose - She loves a good handstand!