On the 4th of May 2016 Camel Rock Pty Ltd launched on Kickstarter – the worlds largest crowd funding platform. Our initial goal of $20,000 was reached and surpassed, and it is because of the people listed below that we are now able to offer our beautiful products to the world.

To those listed below – We are humbled by your belief in our product and in us and we are grateful beyond words for your generosity, and loyalty. Thank you.

Amy & Elle

Shelley Rebecca Bev White Cathy Stark
Claire Chialing Lu Lucy Chapman Bermagui Little Lambs Preschool Aimee White
Aimee White Joely Gelme Evanna McGuinness Leanne Martin
Carlie Hunter Yvette Kelly Dianna ferguson Narelle Munckton
Melanie Smith Jean Stinson Vivian Akkermans Virginia York
Claire solly Krystal Panakera-Thorpe Sarah Oh Sheree Paskin
Sharyn Jericho Nicci Eastham sue coker Vesko Gavrilov
Robyn Ferguson Jason Johnson Jo newman Kristy Sweeny
Derek Quinto Cheryl McCarthy Jeremy Lowes Jeffrey Blando
Thorsten Marks Marn Annesley Pauline Keighran Sarah read
Jess Caves Ursula Moira Ulana Reimann
Mel Lisa Carberry Julie-anne rigo Ally Jones
Jenny McCabe Anne Appleby Marli Hextell Sharon Hoogenboom
Chris Blake Chris Blake Kathryn Wilson Kerrieanne Jackson
Carly Toole Prue Cawley Doris Haase Lynn
Andrew Newhouse Renee Antonio Lee Primmer John Potts
Kate Butterfield Anne Jessop Natalie Nolan Nikki
Josh Debra-lee Griffiths Dani Caputo Charlene Woelk
Karen Martin Anna Hood Vanessa Coker Paige Wilson
Louise Huddleston Jenny Debbie jones jen
Patrice Debbie Vincent Charmaine Giffels Belinda jones
Renata Peters Rebecca West Griffin Caton Steven & Andrea Feinbier
Tacye Bowen Gretchyn Mathie Ricky Chestnutwood Kristy Stuchbery
Judith Roberts Jane Andy Debbie Clayton
Jake Needs Todd Scicluna Catherine Sadler Quynnie
layla ostas Will Clarke Candice Bosher Marius Baade
Rachel Heckbert Sarah Greg Bigs Zamani Aya
Gail-Anne Bobik amanda janes Andrew Newhouse Ruta
Hannah Vaughan-Smith Anne Appleby Lynn Anne Appleby
Steven & Andrea Feinbier Claire Jane Sandilands Victoria Wood
Jodie Morton Neil Mahoney Ashley Fuller Michelle Oxford
Jo Natalie Johansen Alanna sue coker
Dee Greig Jen Houghton Elizabeth Gibbons Michelle
Patrik Billros